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Critical Gear, is the minimum gear you should take with you on an improvement expedition. It is the particular Gear that makes your company run, and run smooth. It is the Gear to switch to, when you want to accelerate.
Critical Gear has the talent to discover relations in complex environments (in Information, Organisation, Production or all combined), regardless to the industry. Complex environments give the founder energy, and get him highly motivated, because a solution to increase transparency is always close by. This improves efficiency, in expected and unexpected fields. The home port in the founder's career is Management Reporting with Finance perspective. From out there he has intensively explored the grounds of Project Management, Management, Organisational Change, Procurement and Leadership. Currently Critical Gear is exploring the shores and grounds of clustering companies’ capacity on a voluntarily basis. In future the founder has his ambition to create a seamless World marketplace for capacity.

Critical Gear services the Randstad region fromout The Hague. Fromout Maastricht Critical Gear services the Limburg Region (NL+BE), Brussels (BE), Hasselt (BE), Eindhoven (NL), Breda (NL), Nijmegen (NL), Aachen (DE), Köln (DE), Düsseldorf (DE).

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